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A weekly dive into the seriously silly world of Sonic the Hedgehog. Indie game developer Nick Splendorr and author Caleb Zane Huett study everyone's favorite blue guy to learn about games, stories, and maybe even ourselves. There's also a lot of goofing.

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YTS 0048: Gastral Projecting (Kirby: Right Back At Ya! s1e05, “Beware of Whispy Woods!”)


Look inside yourself to find this episode of YTS, glowing with blue spirit energy, ready to grow into a forest of wild knowledge. Neither Ferngully nor Innerspace have anything on this allegedly-cute cartoon, and… we're pretty sure Kirby farted.

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YTS 0047: Soft Science Fiction (Kirby: Right Back At Ya! s1e04, “The Dark and Stormy Knight”)


Get your notebooks, students; we’re taking you to star school. In this lesson, we’ll cover the true(?) history of Metaknight and the Star Warriors, the predictive capacity of wordplay, and then conduct extensive research on Kirby's Bad Body.

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YTS 0046: Kirbae (Kirby: Right Back At Ya! s1e03, “Kirby’s Duel Role”)


This is a big one, y’all! Your Two Hosts go full-on National Treasure to find hidden words, double agents, and the secret themes hidden within Mount Rushmore’s iconic Kirby sculpture. Metaknight is maybe Nic Cage? Caleb is the map. Breathe in & buckle up!

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YTS 0045: A Thin Balloon Around a Void (Kirby: Right Back At Ya! s1e02, “A Blockbuster Battle”)


Kirby confronts a weighty foe while Your Two Hosts face the heavy narrative moments of Right Back At Ya! Come along with us as Kirby is accused of socialism, a bird refuses to learn a lesson about hospitality, and we do have to see a Cappy’s foot.

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