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A weekly dive into the seriously silly world of Sonic the Hedgehog. Indie game developer Nick Splendorr and author Caleb Zane Huett study everyone's favorite blue guy to learn about games, stories, and maybe even ourselves. There's also a lot of goofing.

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013: Quantity Over Quantity (Sonic Boom, s1e04)


Didn't watch Sonic Boom this week? That's alright; we barely did. Come chill with us on this VERY chill ride.

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012: You, Me, Sonic, & Everybody (AGDQ 2017 & Sonic Boom, s1e02-03)


The boys went to AGDQ, and interviewed a couple of the Sonic speedrunners. Plus, more Sonic BOOM! Who is the mysterious Sticks? Why is this show mean to all of its characters? We don't necessarily have the answers, but we do have even more questions.

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011: That Alien We Call Laughter (Sonic Boom, s1e01)


Keep your hands and arms inside the time machine at all times, folks, cause Caleb and Nick are jumping right out of the nineties into 2014 to see what the French company OuiDo! has done to our sweet baby blue boy.

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010: This Game Spoiled Itself (Sonic the Hedgehog, 1991)


Sonic the Hedgehog (1492) is a classic. What hasn't been said about this hedgehog's journey to defeat Robotnik and then eventually travel back in time to raise his greatest enemy as his own son? Nick and Caleb find a few things.

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009: Chuck Everlasting (Sonic Underground, s1e08)


Everyone knows Uncle Chuck is Sonic from the future. The real question is: what does he want? (Let's be honest: the answer is probably chili dogs.)

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008: Do Dingos Dream of Electric Sleet? (Sonic Underground, s1e07)


This episode features a record three (3) special segments. Tune in if you like news, storytime, or Adam Sandler's greatest film.

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007: Tony Golduck's Pro Skater 2 (Sonic Underground, s1e06)


Caleb and Nick have been really busy playing Pokémon, but they take a break from their Alolan vacation for you, friends, and return to their day job in Mobius.

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006: Chili Dogs by the Open Fire (Sonic in the Macy's Day Parade, 1993–2013)


Join us for a very special holiday retrospective, as we see just how many ways a Sonic balloon can ruin the world’s largest parade named after a department store.

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005: Picking Up the Key (Sonic Underground, s1e05)


Last week was rough, folks, but this episode of Sonic Underground is here to help. The silly and the serious co-exist within Sonic, and in our conversation. It’s never been a better time to talk about dystopia.

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004: All the Way to Robo-Biden (Sonic Underground, s1e04)


Sonic Underground quadruples its costume budget in the fourth episode, and Nick and Caleb are here to tell you about all the what-nots and say-yeses they have to offer. Guest Starring everyone's favorite Robo-VP.

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