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Every Day's Great is a podcast where Caleb Zane Huett and Nick Splendorr laugh and cry their way through the Persona games, one day at a time. No Persona experience necessary!

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0015: Groundhog Baby (Persona 4, July 2 – July 6)


Listen. Sometimes you set out on a walk without a destination in mind. Sometimes, there are detours. Other times, there are distractions. But the important thing is that you took a walk. We do talk about Persona in this episode.

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0014: Güitár (Persona 4, June 29 – July 1)


Three relatively uneventful days in Persona 4 and one extremely tiring one in the real world combine for a very goofy episode. Load this save file for our first Genuine Gay Moment, yet another impromptu cover of Somebody to Love, and Nick's bad promise.

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Every Poké’s Great! #1: Speakachu (Pokémon The Movie: I Choose You!)


We accidentally watched the new Pokémon movie, which surprised us by also being a Persona movie! Get in the car with us after the cinematic event that changed us forever. Here comes trouble!

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0013: Full Metal Jeggings (Persona 4, June 26 – 28)


The Trash Boys are back in town! In fact, most of them are loitering in the Junes lobby. In this new era of the show, we’re doing fewer days at a time, so we can really savor each moment. Unfortunately, Yosuke really makes us question that decision.

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