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Every Day's Great is a podcast where Caleb Zane Huett and Nick Splendorr laugh and cry their way through the Persona games, one day at a time. No Persona experience necessary!

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0015: Groundhog Baby (Persona 4, July 2 – July 6)


Listen. Sometimes you set out on a walk without a destination in mind. Sometimes, there are detours. Other times, there are distractions. But the important thing is that you took a walk. We do talk about Persona in this episode.

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0014: Güitár (Persona 4, June 29 – July 1)


Three relatively uneventful days in Persona 4 and one extremely tiring one in the real world combine for a very goofy episode. Load this save file for our first Genuine Gay Moment, yet another impromptu cover of Somebody to Love, and Nick's bad promise.

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Every Poké’s Great! #1: Speakachu (Pokémon The Movie: I Choose You!)


We accidentally watched the new Pokémon movie, which surprised us by also being a Persona movie! Get in the car with us after the cinematic event that changed us forever. Here comes trouble!

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0013: Full Metal Jeggings (Persona 4, June 26 – 28)


The Trash Boys are back in town! In fact, most of them are loitering in the Junes lobby. In this new era of the show, we’re doing fewer days at a time, so we can really savor each moment. Unfortunately, Yosuke really makes us question that decision.

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0012: Riding Caboose on the Brain Train (Persona 4, June 23 – 25, including Rise’s Dungeon)


Freshen up with a stick of Zebra Strip gum, because we’re about to hit The Club! We venture into Rise’s monotonously provocative dungeon, wrestle with Teddie’s Toy Story crisis, and put on new costumes so Kanji won’t recognize us.

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0011: Shoes on a Salad (Persona 4, June 16 – 22)


The only thing worse than sleeping in the woods is the way Yosuke acts when we camp with him! This was a tough week, folks; we got pretty frustrated but managed to have a productive conversation about the crimes committed on the big school trip.

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0010: Jesus Is My Sous Chef (Persona 4, June 9 – 15)


Put on a single-color outfit and join us for this Special Friday Episode! Let’s explore what friendship even is, all the ways food can awkwardly express love, and our pitch for next season’s hottest retail experience.

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009: Bagoful Boyfriend w/ Shannon Strucci (Persona 4: The Animation, s1e01)


Which purse will YOU date? Shannon Strucci joins us on our summer break to talk about parasocial relationships and the therapeutic potential of gaming. Also, we watch the pilot of the Persona 4 Anime, which is a rough episode of television. Come on in!

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008: The B Team w/ Peter Reitz (Persona 4, June 3–June 9)


Special guest Peter Reitz from the Now Kiss podcast joins us to talk about Kanji's Dungeon and a series of terrible conversations between horrible boys. Sleepy boy, umbrella student, and list guy form another investigation team behind the scenes.

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007: Spirit-Naked in the Digi-World (Persona 4, May 26–June 2)


What is… “real”? Real love? Real family? Real… food? We’re becoming experts on all of these topics: we embrace the throes of romance, dig deep into a family’s dark past, and try to eat… whatever it is Yukiko put in this lunchbox.

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